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Scrupulous Lechery  
Member Since:   5/22/2006
State:   MS
Zipcode:   38671
Gender/Status:   Couple
    Her Statistics         His Statistics    
Preference:   Female is Bisexual I'm Straight
Age:   31 39
Height:   5' 4" 5' 9"
Weight:   101 lbs - 115 lbs 176 lbs - 200 lbs
Eye Color:   Brown Brown
Hair Color:   Brown Brown

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  Describe your appearance and personality: 
  First off, we swing. We did not just put a picture on here for kicks and can not understand why there are so few people here in the South that are on this site that are actually real.
We are enthusiastic about meeting with other couples in our area. We love to ride the bikes and have an even higher holding for good company. We live in town but are fenced in from everything leaving nothing but privacy for outside parties or whatever falls into the “Others” category. Whether you have the cold beer or white zinfandel personality, we will get along just fine.
It humbles us to be back here at home. After moving all over the world, we have found no better place to live than here. She is a young and very adventurous girl with an immense desire to please anyone that she comes into contact with that displays equal maturity and consideration. We welcome anyone to contact us at any time.
We both enjoy being outdoors, our daily time in the gym, and a classic rock style atmosphere. Debra + Casey
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  How do you tell a society what type person best qualifies to befriend? We, my husband and I, agree that if someone wants to meet with us in a relaxed atmosphere such as a home or a more professional environment, we will be more than willing to comply with all standards associated with the visit. We choose to become slightly acquainted with our friends before we progress in the course of extreme issues, but there is no such thing as this happening too fast. The evolution from being a stranger to being my temporary lover can take place in ten minutes or ten days. It all depends on the inquisitiveness and pinnacle of intellectual stimulation one wishes to achieve. We are a true swinging couple with absolutely no jealously or domination issues. If I want something or someone, he gives it or them to me and I do the same for him.
We wish to simply become involved with a few couples in our area from 18 to about 35. She makes the final decision pending photos. Anyone that has a pleasing personality will please us.