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   WOMEN, if your playmate liked prostate massage, would you provide it???  

8/5/2011 19:02
Posted By:  - NEW ORLEANS, LA  
Date Posted: 8/5/2011 19:02
Before I was ever a swinger, I had a long life of what many would term sexual excess...and THEN I added tens years of swinging to that, so it is fair to say I've explored a bit of debauchery...

Now it happens, that women's magazines, how to guides, and most other sources of sex tips mentions that massaging the prostate with fingers or toys can heighten the sexual pleasure of the recipient...

and I occasionally have seen forum discussions, largely centered around whether guys liked it...

which brings me to this observation,

Some of the forum discussions make it sound like using fingers or toys in a guy's ass is one of the top three fantasies of large segments of the women of LL...but I don't recall a woman EVER suggesting it in a play session.  Not ONCE!!!

So, Ladies, if you had an SO or play partner that you were comfy with and he made it clear he was open to it, do you have any interest and/or willingness in providing this kind of play???

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