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 Originator Date Posted 
   How non-superficial is too non-superficial for LL?  

1/9/2012 15:02
Posted By:  - SURPRISE, AZ  
Date Posted: 1/9/2012 15:02
This is kind of off the "When are you to old for LL" thread. While a little tongue in cheek, for us, it really is becoming somewhat boring with all the different "requirements" by some on LL. We have said it many times on here and many take issue with us when we do, but why does everyone have to be the same on here to be acceptable? For us, the baby shaved pussy is boring. The completely shaved male is boring. The large parties where everyone goes to "be seen" and not to meet a couple and hook up, is boring. The "look at me" crowd with all the BS postings about how wonderful they are is boring. This is not a rant, but merely an observation probably do to the fact that we are getting older, a little more mature, and realize that we enjoy people for who they are and the differences they bring, without the cookie cutter look and attitude sometimes required on LL. We definitely need to have an attraction to play. We get that. But since when did attraction have to always look the same?? When did being attractive make you feel like you had to talk down to others in order to keep your Prince/Princess standing intact? Lighten up and enjoy the variety that comes from being in the lifestyle. Who cares how old you are, how big your dick is, how perfectly lasered your pussy is, how tall you are, how much you weigh. If you are attracted to the person, does any of that really matter???

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