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   The conclusive G-Spot Survey!...my G-spot is located --> Here:  

1/21/2012 18:17
Posted By:  - THOUSAND OAKS, CA  
Date Posted: 1/21/2012 18:17
OK, we as a community ought to be able to settle this debate (Is there a G-Spot?), once and for all. (we can get a large data sample from sexually knowledgeable women, and not rely upon flawed studies, methods, or unknowledgeable subjects).

If I remember correctly, past polls and research suggest that the majority of women have better orgasms clitorally rather than vaginally. Things, of course, can get confusing when being stimulated everywhere at once as is my wife's preference (finger on the purported g-spot area, mouth sucking on the clit, and others mouths' sucking on the breasts, etc.).

So let's keep it simple: is there a part of your vagina that is more sensitive than the rest?

My hunch (based on my experience and reading of the research): the highest percentage will be the combination of the first 2 choices (confirming the prevelent belief that one exists near where it had been reported), declining among the other choices listed. 

Ladies...if you're not sure...do your own research and report back!

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