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   Daughter Reports Mother to Police for Having Sex  

1/29/2012 12:37
Posted By:  - BLUE RIDGE, GA  
Date Posted: 1/29/2012 12:37
I was a bit flabbergasted to find this article on the i-net this morning.

Here's a link to the article.

Apparently a fifteen year old Florida teen overheard her mother having sex with her boyfriend in the wee hours one morning, and phone police and requested she be taken to a children's shelter.

The teen changed her mind about going to the shelter because "school was about to start".

I was a single parent due to death when my daughter was 10 and my son 15.  My own way of handling the sex issue was to keep sexual activity away from my home til my daughter was 15, and then the only person I had in my bedroom was the boyfriend with whom I had a five year relationship, and only after my daughter was quite asleep.

The mother in this article... was in her own bedroom with her boyfriend, and the mother said she did her best to not wake her daughter.  The girl is fifteen.

I can't imagine my daughter EVER calling the authorities if she was woken, or feeling disrespected because her mother had sex with her boyfriend. If ever she was disturbed, she'd tell me about it, and in fact when she return home for a couple years at the age of 26 and overheard me one evening with my boyfriend, all she did was the next morning say to me, "You know, Mom, I can hear you through the heating vents."  And my own reaction was to thank her for informing me, and then to take measures to insure she didn't hear us again, including performing some minor construction to the house.

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