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   What % of LS couples/SM/SF would try2seduce your partner behind your back?  

3/11/2012 11:10
Posted By:  - SEATTLE, WA  
Date Posted: 3/11/2012 11:10
The reason I ask is I saw someone post in a private FB group that his wife was commiting "adultery" behind his back with LS couples that were either involved or knew about it.

The discussion continued with some seeing some LS people as being honest and trustworthy and others as unscrupulous who would fuck your wife at the drop of a hat behind your back if they could.

So I'm curious if that has happened to any here. Most LS'ers would fuck any of our wives if their was chemistry or their was a hall pass involved. But how many would work behind your back to accomplish the same thing?

If you are soft swap or have certain rules , do you find one half of the other couple trying to push your boundaries or "seduce" your partner into breaking them?

And are SM worse than couples?

I will right out say SM are less trustworthy than couples. I can't even count how many guys IM my wife asking for her phone number so they can be text buddies. Or ask if I am keeping her happy. Or offer to take her traveling or somehow give her a "better life". Not all SM are bad, but most that have contacted us have made jokes of themselves trying to get her to go behind my back and hook up with them.

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