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   Best Resort for PDA/Public Sex  

3/29/2012 14:12
Posted By:  - PHOENIX, AZ  
Date Posted: 3/29/2012 14:12
   Ok, after reading numerous blogs, chats, emails, travel reviews, websites, etc........ Looking for thoughts/opinion/experiences on the best lifestyle resorts for public displays of affection to all out public sex.

One hears about Hedo getting frisky very late at night but the PDA police at other times; Cap-d'Agde does a great job of self-segregation between family and lifestyle areas of the beach and has some great clubs as well, though play outside of clubs offers less constraints on time, place, planning, etc.

Looking for opinions/experiences on both the resort itself (actual facilities, amenities) and the play atmosphere/rules.

So, you want a sex-filled, fun-filled vacation, where you can go at it at the pool, at the jacuzzi, on the beach (if applicable), on your patio/balcony anytime of the day or night, and/or you want to watch others doing the same, and/or join others doing same........You are going to ____________________ Resort because.............

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