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   What Women Want... in the lifestyle?  

4/23/2012 01:46
Posted By:  - BURBANK, CA  
Date Posted: 4/23/2012 01:46
     Driving 2 unicorns to a vanilla event the other night, we started to discus what in the lifestyle we seek as singles. While these 2 single females were going on about how they needed some hard
cocked bad boy to aggressively ravish them and get the hell out after they were done
having sex, I couldn't help but roll my eyes playfully.

 Being platonic friends with no sexual chemistry between us, it became very insightful understanding how people are attracted to different aspects as well as seek different play styles in the lifestyle. I always find it interesting when and how some couples can often times be on two different pages as what they desire, especially when I come to see it's usually the men, for the most part, speaking on behalf of the couple and what she wants.

Though I am sure there will be a few misters who would like to throw in their 2 cents, I would be interested in what women truly seek in the lifestyle and if those interest would change if you were a single female?

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