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Forum Category: Member Polls
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   Professions/Venues that get you sexually hyped  

6/4/2012 09:15
Posted By:  - NORTHRIDGE, CA  
Date Posted: 6/4/2012 09:15
   Forgetting about the quality of a specific person for a moment...what genre of profession/venue do you seem to find most physically appealing as a general response?

I ask this because I was at a boxing match the other night and I had a hard time NOT finding a guy that did not turn me on in some way or another. There was something about the attitude along with the bodies and self confidence that all these men walked around with that was so appealing to me. I was trying to think of another atmosphere where I had ever felt this kind of overall wave of testosterone that was sexually appealing to me and could not.

In my case there were also musicians, actors and all other types of professionals attending, but I have decided that I really love boxing now for more then the boxing itself. 

I have to vote Sports figures/venues as my fave!


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