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   Who Should Pay?  

7/13/2012 14:05
Posted By:  - DUBUQUE, IA  
Date Posted: 7/13/2012 14:05
We're sure it's been spoken of before but we just thought we would bring it up again as it happen to us recently. Now, to us it's a given if we're already in a hotel and invite a SM to the room, well, we paid and to us, it's a bonus. Now, what if we were in a different hotel, say Vegas and the guy says let's get a room. Who pays? He is going to have sex with your wife/girlfriend. Does he pay? Split? Or do you pay?

Keep in mind guys, we are inviting this guy to have sex with our wife, it's for her (mostly) and my enjoyment. Should he have to pay the entire bill? What are your thoughts?

We have recently had a situation like this where I agreed to pay the bill. Yes, HE, got the bonus but so did my wife and that made her happy and to us, that's what counts.


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