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   What is THE absolute deal breaker when meeting a new couple?  

8/7/2012 09:57
Posted By:  - SALT LAKE CITY, UT  
Date Posted: 8/7/2012 09:57
   Met a new couple last night for drinks. New to the scene and VERY young. We aren't necessarily averse to younger couples but these guys are in their early 20's. Yikes!    Anyway, they seemed nice and were very attractive. Seems like at least half of the very young couples in our area at least one spouse is considerably overweight. Anyway, met them, had drinks, talked and in getting closer (trying to talk over the loud music in the club) it became very apparent that the girl had TERRIBLE bad breath. I mean it really smelled like something had crawled into her mouth and died! As the evening progressed we pulled out some gum and offered it around the table. She declined. I finally said I had to go to the car and grab something and brought back in some breath mints I had stashed in the glove box. Again she refused to take one when offered. As the evening was drawing to a close they asked us to come back to their place to maybe mess around and we both immediately and probably a little too enthusiastically said "NO!" And made up an excuse about having to get to work early today. So how do you politely tell someone (without offending them) that their breath smells like ass? For all we know she could have a medical (or dental) condition of some kind and we certainly don't want to hurt her feelings but there is no way in HELL either of us could (without getting ill) get up close and personal. We're thinking roofies if they want to meet again then drag her drugged body to a 24 hour dental center for some intense mouth scrubbing. Anyone know a nice way to deal with delicate situations like this? How about a cooter that smells like Pike Place Fish Market late on a Sunday afternoon on a REALLY hot sticky muggy summer day? Brutal honesty? Show up wearing gas masks? Get so wasted you don't care? Try to put THEM off by telling them your real ages? 

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