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Forum Category: Member Polls
 Originator Date Posted 
   A Little Lifestyle Social Experiment  

8/15/2012 20:10
Posted By:  - MESA, AZ  
Date Posted: 8/15/2012 20:10
   Well, it seems there has been quite a bit of debate lately about preferences, standards, likes, dislikes....OK, there ALWAYS is a lot of talk about that in the forums.

I propose that we actually try a poll that might tie all this together in some way.

Here's the VERY unscientific proposal:

Do a simple search and take the first 20 profiles that come up in your proximity that you would normally be seeking out (couples, single females, single males). If you normally wouldn't seek them out, then pass them by. Also, make sure the 20 are Real-Sealed. Again, don't skip, take the first 20 Real-Sealed in order, unless you wouldn't pursue them in the first place because of their status.

Now, of those 20, looking at the profiles, pics, the whole package as presented, which would you pursue to have sex with, and which would you pass on. It's that simple. You might pass because of pics, you might pass because of height, weight, age, many, many reasons. But the premise is black and white, based on the profile, which would you initially pursue, and which would you initially dismiss.

I know sex is not a given, even when you pursue, but for this sampling, the desire to at least pursue and see is.

If you post, I will stress, please try not to discuss YOUR poll answer, lest you hurt some feelings. "OMG, I wouldn't have sex with any of those 20 if I was using someone else's genitalia."....knowing that people will be able in many cases
to possibly figure out if they are within that 20 in your proximity.

Honestly, I don't expect any answers to the post, at least until some of the numbers start to come in. I started out thinking we look at 100 profiles, but talk about time consuming....

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