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   Orgasms. Ladies, how many.....  

10/4/2012 20:31
Posted By:  - TUSTIN, CA  
Date Posted: 10/4/2012 20:31
of the 11 different types of orgasms have you experienced?


1.Clitoral Orgasm 
2. Vaginal Orgasm
3. G-spot Orgasm
4. Squirting Orgasm (G-spot orgasm with ejaculation)
5. A-spot orgasm (stimulation of tissue at the inner/front end of the vaginal tube, between the cervix and the bladder)
6. Deep spot orgasm (stimulation of the area located almost all the way back in the deepest part of the back wall of the vagina, just before the cervix)
7. U-Spot Orgasm. (Stimulation of a small area of sensitive erectile tissue located just above and on either side of the urethral opening)
8. Breast Orgasm (Stimulation of the breast and nipple area)
9. Oral Orgasm (Orgasm from kissing, licking or performing oral sex)
10. Skin Orgasm (stimulation from caressing, massaging, touch the skin)
11. Mental Orgasm (Orgasm just by thought)

(And yes, while the consensus is out as to just exactly how many different types of female orgasms there this was the most recent posting I saw online). 

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