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Forum Category: Member Polls
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   Top 10 SCARIEST movies of all time from Boston.com  

10/16/2012 08:33
Posted By:  - SANTA ROSA, CA  
Date Posted: 10/16/2012 08:33
   Remember when I do these polls - they are not MY picks so don't shoot the OP! LOL!

I get why some of these are considered the scariest - from the perspective at the time of release they were scary (maybe not so much now.)

I can think of only three movies that made me scream out loud in the theater - The Shining, Fatal Attraction (not the bunny!), and the last remake of I Am Legend with Will Smith.

(If you still think The Exorcist is scary - read the book - it is beyond scary!)

Have at it!!!!!!! :-)

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