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   How secure is the internet?  

10/22/2012 16:51
Posted By:  - SALT LAKE CITY, UT  
Date Posted: 10/22/2012 16:51
Yeah, looks like many of our worst fears are pretty real. Several new studies out showing about 80% of all pics and videos posted online (even on secure servers) eventually end up on porn sites. So...we're prolly not gonna approve too many whitelist requests unless you're real sealed, been around here for a while and there's a fairly decent chance we could actually meet at some point (i.e. you don't live 1800 miles away). Sorry but we don't really wanna end up in your fap file or worse! LOL

Private Porn Pics

ps- Not blaming or faulting LL. They actually do a better job at security than most but they really can't prevent anyone from taking any pic/video that is viewable.

So...how secure do YOU think the internet is. How much (if any) do you worry about posting naughty pics and/or letting others see them?

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