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Are you seeking Salt Lake City, Utah swingers personal ads?
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   Happy Halloween. What sorta dirty sounding candy do you hope...  

10/31/2012 09:03
Posted By:  - SALT LAKE CITY, UT  
Date Posted: 10/31/2012 09:03
   ...to get in your treat sack this year? Milky Way? Salt water taffy? Jolly Ranchers? Mr. Goodbar? Milk Duds? Tootsie Roll Pop? Mike & Ike? Circus Peanuts? Skor? Zagnut? S&M's...er I mean M&M's? Sugar Daddy? Good & Plenty? Hershey Kisses (eewwww)? Hubba Bubba? Atomic Fire Balls? Boston Baked Beans? Big Red? Nibs? Jenna Jameson Pez? Gummy Dildos? 

Here are a few more really funny ones that might be harder to find. 

Funny Candy Names

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