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   The STD Mystery  

12/13/2012 09:56
Posted By:  - SEATTLE, WA  
Date Posted: 12/13/2012 09:56
   Sorry in advance if this is a bad or taboo topic. I know it's been brought up time and time again. I just thought if this question was asked an an anonymous poll perhaps it might shed more light.  My wife and I were discussing STD's in the LS and risks/precautions, and we started wondering how many people have actually caught something but would never let anyone know.  Then we started debating how prevalent STD transmission might be, partly because of all the sex and cross partners, but more so because this is a small'ish group and small groups tend to be more prone to keeping things quiet to avoid potential ostracism. So just curious if you, or a Swinger/Lifestyler, you know, have caught any specific disease that verifably came from a fellow Lifestyler? (If you caught it from a Vanilla, it doesn't count, we all know how filthy they are ,lol)  

Since many people are asymptomatic, they may not realize they caught anything from any person or if they carry something they are passing along. Depending on your playstyle it may not be possible to know whether it was something caught from a night at the sex club or night club. But either way , it never hurts to ask.

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