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   Fake Boobs; Yea or Nea?   

1/4/2013 07:25
Posted By:  - DETROIT, MI  
Date Posted: 1/4/2013 07:25

We have had this discussion countless times in these forums and, maybe I just happen to be viewing the profiles that contain them coincidentally lately but is there an increase in women getting boob jobs? It seems that it is very prevalent in the 30-under crowd in particular though my observation is completely random.

Personally, I prefer the real thing, especially over a poorly done procedure. I'm not talking about women who have breast reduction for medical purposes or even a middle aged woman having a slight lift to feel better about herself. I totally understand that concept and why women do it. However, I have viewed more than twenty profiles this month (does that make me a Perv?) of absolutely gorgeous young women in their 20's with obvious boob jobs. I don't understand that concept at all but understand that behind the majority (not all) of women boob jobs there is a man persuading her to do it. I have a problem with that. It makes me sad to see a woman alter her body because some guy, who has no idea what she is going through, encourages her to do it for his own satisfaction.

Some of these procedures look like they took two cooking pots (think Napoleon Dynamite) and inserted them into their chests! Nothing turns me off quicker than a boob job gone wrong or one that is overdone. I hope women understand that good men place almost ZERO stock in the size of a woman's breasts. A gorgeous woman is a gorgeous woman no matter the breast size. She isn't the sum of a cup calculation in a Victoria's Secret catalog!

And away we go........




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