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Forum Category: Member Polls
 Originator Date Posted 

5/1/2013 19:31
Posted By:  - MURRIETA, CA  
Date Posted: 5/1/2013 19:31
       After 15 plus pages (combining both threads) it's obvious that most everyone still doesn't understand the initial question that started this whole thing.  (Either that or I simply have to much faith in humanity as it's represented here on LL.) 

      So I think I have a better way of both making my point and asking the question;

      Let's assume that whatever state you live in is holding an election tomorrow.  On the ballot are three choices;

            -Legalize Gay marriage like Washington state,
            -Legalize Gay civil Unions like Colorado, or
            - Neither.

      Let's go on to assume that voting for either of the first two options results in gay couples being afforded all the rights and privileges of any married heterosexual couple in your state, province, or other political entity.

      The pro Washington side has been running ads explaining how "they're just like us" and deserve the very same considerations.  

      The pro Colorado side has been running ads that show a florist at Arlene's Flower shop in Washington being handed a subpoena because he refused to sell flowers to a gay man for his "wedding", and state that the only difference between the two state options is that the Colorado option preserves the historical definition of marriage and thus had it been enacted in Washington the gay couple would have had their flowers, their civil union,  and the florist wouldn't have been sued for honoring what he perceives as his "relationship with God" because of his religious beliefs regarding the sacrament of marriage.  

      Both ads have been run through the so called fact checkers and determined to be free of deception.

      I'm hoping that starting anew with this poll will have given those who jumped in with emotion, intellect or a Pavlovian response a chance to perhaps actually look at the options without their preconceived prejudices and actually see that there really is a solution to this issue that works for everyone , or almost everyone.   I'm also hoping that by putting it out there as a poll the louder voices won't keep the less vocal from voicing their opinions and being counted.

      At least that's what I'm hoping.  

     What say you? 

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