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Forum Category: Member Polls
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   Ladies, Male body hair NOT pubes, Yea or Nay?  

5/14/2013 16:15
Posted By:  - NEW ORLEANS, LA  
Date Posted: 5/14/2013 16:15
So, I was engaged in an intense oral interaction with the HEIDI_BABE (whom many of you might remember, even though, for her own reasons, she has not posted in the forums or blogs for over a year), when she stopped what she was doing to ask what other women think of male chest hair.

I shared that in my convos with lifestyle women, I had heard opinions all over the map from wanting totally hairless/waxed/lasered to preferring a man's chest to be indistinguishable from a bear-skin rug.

And since she is on this self-imposed not posting thing of hers, she asked me to do a poll to find out how you lovely ladies fall on this issue...ignore the junk for the moment, chest hair on a man, or NOT?!?!?!

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