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   Bad Sex...What Do You Do?  

7/12/2013 16:26
Posted By:  - PHOENIX, AZ  
Date Posted: 7/12/2013 16:26
Being in the lifestyle for at least a little while which most of us have been, I am sure we all think we are pretty good with sex.  Maybe better in some areas than others...but overall...confident?

But what happens when you find that person in the couple  (lets say newbies or vanilla's) you are with...or if you are a single you are looking for as a single (as a partner or potential partner)...and they just suck at sex?  As a couple do you take a bullet and see them again in hopes they can get better...as a single do you try and help them get better or do you assume they won't?

Couple:  One is bad...He couldn't find the right spot with directions...or she has no concept of oral or even how to jack you off?  Maybe one or the other just lays there?  Or that magical unicorn you find out just lays there when you give her oral without much feedback...and you know your pretty good or the single male that can't go down to save his life?.

Single same things...what if the guy is every place but the right place in giving you oral?  What if she says, I am not very good at oral and she has a death grip with her hand when stroking you?

Couples:  Do you try again with that person(s)?  Or you wont' waste your time?
Singles:  Do you date him or her again and try to mold, train them?  Move on?

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