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Forum Category: Member Polls
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   For the Men...Manscaping the Ass...  

11/14/2013 19:19
Posted By:  - PORTLAND, OR  
Date Posted: 11/14/2013 19:19
   A recent poll about female ass hair raised a thought in my mind about the other side of the coin.  Yes, male ass hair, the subject which strikes fear in the hearts of straight males everywhere!  We do know as red blooded males from our vast consumption of porn that many men do indeed "manscape" not only their junk, but their ass as well, including the crack!  A seriously hairy man ass is very unsightly to the vast majority of the female population, and if you want to stay in the game you gotta deliver a product that's attractive to the ladies. Also, when you party naked in public as a swinger, your nasty hairy ass is out there in plain sight for everyone to see. I know guys don't want to talk about about it, but we have very strong opinions about women with hairy asses, and fair is fair.  So guys, what  do you have to say about this subject?  (Women...also feel free to chime in of course because we only care about this because you care about this.)

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