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Forum Category: Member Polls
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   Bringing a 'weapon' to a Lifestyle Event  

2/6/2014 23:54
Posted By:  - WALNUT CREEK, CA  
Date Posted: 2/6/2014 23:54
   So three of us Lifestyle gals meet for coffee the other day and discuss various things.  I learn a certain male half of a couple is ALWAYS packing a weapon, whether M&G or play party.  He's military, and carries a knife all the time.  I was FLOORED to learn this and vehemently opposed to it.  Apparently, I was a party of one!

First of all, I can't imagine a scenario where you feel you're going to have to whip out a weapon at a party.  But also, if you're busy playing--naked--who's keeping tabs on that thing??  Lifestyle events can have a highly charged atmosphere, there's often drinking, sometimes to excess...it just seems like a bad idea to me.

How do most people feel about this?  I'm curious if people really do find this acceptable.  This can refer to guns, knives, etc.  (Please, do not turn this into a debate on guns...I'm specifically asking about weapons at a party.)

So, let's hear from the Commentariat...

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