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Forum Category: Member Polls
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   How do you feel about D/s and consensual non-consent?  

2/20/2014 18:35
Posted By:  - BEAVER, AR  
Date Posted: 2/20/2014 18:35
   So, my wife and I rather enjoy various aspects of "consensual non-consent" and I am curious what others think of the experience.  For simplicity's sake let's say that we are discussing your ideal partner and setting for the results of the poll.  Whatever "ideal" means to you.

By consensual non-consent, I mean a situation where the sexual control is taken away from one partner and given to the other such that saying "no" will not be honored by your trusted partner and this is agreed to and planned in advance.

For us, with each other that includes a safeword or simple signals in case the mouth is not available although the safe word has only very rarely ever been used because I know her well enough to know when too much has really become too much and can shift pace intuitively.  In fact it is this coming to know her boundaries and playing within their edges that I find most personally exciting.

For us it is about her being able to explore her submission and me to explore Dominance in an atmosphere that I control within parameters I know she will find excitement in.  It can be in a lot of different places, but there are essential constants that are meaningful to us.  So, whatever you think is appropriate for you in an ideal and proper setting for exploration is the setting for the question.

For her it is a release to be able to just create pleasure by fulfilling demands.  For me it is a thrill to lead her down paths she desires to travel down, but can only experience by being "forced" into action.

If everything was exactly how you like it to be, or imagine you like it to be, how do you feel about consensual non-consent?


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