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   In home HIV testing....?  

2/23/2014 09:22
Posted By:  - GOLDEN, CO  
Date Posted: 2/23/2014 09:22
   Yesterday I saw a profile from a single woman on another site, in which she had posted a picture of her HIV test results. I actually thought, hey it's been a couple of years I should look into getting tested. I did about two minutes of research, And discovered there is an in home 20 minute test available, OraQuick, at Wallgreens.

While doing errands, I drove to Wallgreens and bought one. The cost as marked was $69 but at the register it was only $39 and that's what they charged me. It was really cool that this test is elligable to be paid for by FSA, pre tax. It's a simple swab of the gum lines, then you drop the swab into a small vile containing some kind of reactive agent. 20 minutes later, it's done. I did this while I was at the car wash LOL

I understand that testing is only good for the moment the test has been taken, not trying to start that debate. But we would feel much more at ease, if we knew others tested too.

Curious if this test is widely used by LLers or not. If yes why and if not why, etc.... To be honest it was so damned easy I'd highly recommend it.

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