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   Have you ever confessed your...  

6/10/2014 11:56
Posted By:  - SALT LAKE CITY, UT  
Date Posted: 6/10/2014 11:56
   ...swinging "sins" to an ecclesiastical authority? Many years ago when I was still in the early stages of leaving the church I grew up in and religion in general behind I went to my ecclesiastical leader and confessed some things I had been thinking about and a few things Ms. Evil and I had been doing in the bedroom. This gentleman quickly became very interested in what I was telling him and soon was asking extremely graphic questions about the smallest details of our bedroom experiments (mostly oral sex) and our pillow talk about what it would be like to fuck other people (we were both virgins when we met and married). I told him we had even wondered if we would for sure go to hell if we followed through and tried swinging. As the "confession" went on his face was getting quite red and he seemed somewhat agitated. At first I thought he was getting angry but eventually I could tell by his breathing and movements that he was getting very turned on and indeed seemed to be touching himself under his desk as neither of his hands were visible. When I finally got up to leave he did not stand and show me to the door. He asked me to close the door on my way out. Seconds later I heard him lock his office door.  Later he called our home and requested that Ms. Evil schedule a "meeting" with him. After telling her how he reacted she politely declined.  So what say you. Ever had a little talk with a church leader about our little hobby? 

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