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   Why Do Couples Enter the Lifestyle Looking for Unicorns or Soft Swap Only  

8/3/2014 18:43
Posted By:  - CHANDLER, AZ  
Date Posted: 8/3/2014 18:43
   Okay, so Mrs. AZ and I are talking about this couple that appears new to the lifestyle. They show up looking for that elusive single female for them both to share or, maybe, might, if the stars align appropriately, could be convinced to engage in a soft swap scenario with another couple.

They both appear attractive, if not hot. Which gets Mrs. AZ and me talking.

What is the biggest reason couples are hesitant to engage in full swap? I say men can't handle seeing their woman fucking another guy. Mrs. AZ says guys leave a lot to be desired and the woman of the couple is most likely hesitant to explore with a man who is hairy/not-attractive/fat/ugly/etc.

For ourselves, while we are definitely interested in those unicorns (please write if you are available), from our first foray into the lifestyle, we never considered limiting ourselves to only single females or soft swap. Maybe that was due to Mrs. AZ liking men, or the fact I get turned on watching her fuck another guy. But, obviously we have an argument we need the community to settle, since we don't get it.

What say you?

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