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   Dear LL Peeps...Small Vagina....Think Dear Abby...  

7/26/2015 17:29
Posted By:  - PHOENIX, AZ  
Date Posted: 7/26/2015 17:29
   She's not my girlfriend...she probably could be...we aren't there, may never get there, but for now...

Two things you need to know...
1. She's in her mid 40's and there is nothing medically that can be done for her...trust me...she has tried.
2. She doesn't have this...this explains context for you.

What is vaginal hypoplasia?

The word "hypoplasia" means "under-developed". A woman with vaginal hypoplasia will have a vagina that is likely to be too small to comfortably have sex.

I'm not clear what she has right now (btw she has two uteruses which evidently I now know is more common than I knew last week)...but what I do know is that anything larger than an almost average penis hurt her TREMENDOUSLY if she can even get it in...and I guess it hurts the guy almost as much.

From the TMI department on our second date...sitting in the vehicle (after some fun conversation over the last few days about how big it is without her seeing it) for "medical" reasons and discovery I whipped it out...it got hard...she pulled out her dildo that she had bought, but it was too big to use.  Compare to mine...extreme sadness set in when it was determined no way I would work. 

So here's the question....btw she is kind of a sexual experimentation virgin because of the dipshits she has been involved with...so she is excited by my experiences....

Knowing that swinging is important to me...but...sex...WAY more important...what if you couldn't have had sex with your partner, knowing how awesome she is...if you knew it before you found out she had a small vajayjay would you have kept dating her?

As for my girl...she's AWESOME....extremely intelligent, very attractive, sexy, killer body, open minded about sex, but she doesn't know if sure she could swing...but think of anything sexual...other than w/ other people..she's there.  But...I can't have sex with her, what would you do?

BTW...I am asking not to get an answer from swingers...but because swingers know better than anyone the thought process here.

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