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   Throat fucking  

11/26/2016 01:02
Posted By:  - BEAVER,   
Date Posted: 11/26/2016 01:02
   Read before voting for clarification is always a groovy and smart way to go....

So, we have found that women and men are all over the page regarding whether they enjoy throat fucking.

For the purpose of this poll, let's say that it simply means that the woman likes to feel like the man is in control of the depth and speed of fucking her mouth and throat.  This may include holding her head, using her pony tail as a handle, forcing her to gag on his cock, etc...  Let us also assume that he is not being abusive, meaning that the amount of the throat fucking going on is within the bounds of what is acceptable to the woman being throat fucked.  We are not talking about abuse we are talking about a consensual act.  Also, let us assume that we are talking about a frequency the person being fucked is ok with, not stating that it is an all the time preference here, just whether it is something that can or can not be enjoyed - ever, given these parameters.

So, all that being said, this is my wife's absolutely favorite type of oral sex with a man.  Of course if he is not very intuitive about what she can take then it can only last a short while, but if he is intuitive about her ability to take it she can enjoy a good long throat fucking and it makes her incredibly wet to have her mouth used like this.  I love the look in her eyes when I just walk up to her and put one of my hands on her shoulder and the other on my pants' button...  She knows I am going to make her so wet teasing her with a decadent throat fucking and I can see it light her eyes right up. I never knew I would enjoy this (and a variety of other things) until I found my wife craving it.

Some women absolutely hate having a man control their head while they are giving head.

So... Where do you fall - try not to be a fence sitters for the poll - are you able to enjoy it or not?  Again, not asking if it is something you want all the time, simply whether, in whatever you imagine is your favorite and best case scenario is throat fucking something you can like (or imagine you would like if you've never tried it)?

(Also, I apologize for having left the bi-men out of the poll, but my interest is in what the women are into specifically and ran out of space, so feel free to write in if you are in a different category than those listed.)


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