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Forum Category: Sports
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   MY Heat predictions  

7/12/2010 19:26
Posted By:  - SANTA BARBARA, CA  
Date Posted: 7/12/2010 19:26
   Yep, full on stats backed, math capable homer thread.

I figured I would put it out here for Picasso and others to rip into me in the coming years.

Yep, I am going full on Miss Cleo here. I may be eating a shitload of crow or I may be gloating my ass off for a long time.

Let's assume there is NO lockout, no changes to the CBA where they mimic the Hockey one with a hard cap. I don't think that will ever happen. And if there are major injuries, all bets are off for the year.

Each year that the trio is there, they will win at least 60 games.
One year they will come close to the Bulls 72 win record.
They will be in the finals at least four of the five years.
They will win at least three of the four they are in.
LeBron or Wade will win the regular season MVP at least two of the years.
LeBron or Wade will win the Finals MVP each time they win.

This will be the same as the Bulls dominance during the 90s. Teams in the East will play for second.

Ok . . . have fun.

Rip me.

I have my Tin Foil hat and Devo yellow body suit on. I am protected.


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