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   Fucking Clowns...  

4/6/2011 09:21
Posted By:  - WAUKESHA, WI  
Date Posted: 4/6/2011 09:21
I have a clown phobia due to a particularly nasty jack-in-the-box my older brother used to terrify me with as a small child.  It does not manifest itself in the normal way.  I am not afraid of clowns.  However, when I see a clown, I want to attack it.  I hate clowns.  They are evil possessed things whose every trace must be eliminated from this Earth.  Man will never truly be free until the clown overlords are exterminated.

So, anyhoo, this is an article about clown cars.  For example, they say 25 clowns can fit in a modern Mini-Cooper, or 19 clowns in a smart car.  I realize this article is supposed to be funny.  Bt what it really made me want to do is shoulder an RPG and take out the clown cars.

Note that it is not, as the author says, merely a matter of shoving in the clowns once the vehicle is gutted.  Rather, to me, it is matter of how many clowns get gutted once they exit the vehicle.

Perhaps I do not grasp the clown humor here simply because I believe all clowns must die.

Here is the link:


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