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4/8/2011 22:10
Posted By:  - CHICAGO, IL  
Date Posted: 4/8/2011 22:10
   Who is your MVP per position?

I get it, not everyone sees Rose as the MVP but who would you pick for each position and why?


To me an MVP is the piece a team can't operate at the level they are at NOW (since it's an end of the year award), that one must earn by playing at least 90% of the season.


Point Guard = Rose from Chicago

Probably the tightest yet most diverse position on the court yet Rose commands Chicago's offense with confidence and experience years above his age (22). On a defensive team struggling with injuries (again) he's lead the offense deeper into the Eastern conference to take away the first seed from the once unbeatable and well-balanced Boston Celtics.  While he's looked unstoppable to all who try and guard him; Lebron, Wade, Chris Paul, ect.


Shooting Guard = Wade from Miami

Anyone 6'3'' who is averaging 6.5 rebs, 1.1 blocks and 1.5 steals with his ability to guard players 4 inches taller, while dropping an average of 25.8 ppg (1.62 ppg and 1.3 rpg more than Kobe) is worth being the MVP of SGs. He's stealing like a guard but blocking and rebounding like a SF or PF (mainly because they lack a center worth mentioning).


Small Forward = Lebron from Miami

He has an all around game none have at his size since Magic. His record matches his teammate's caliber and ability and they've learned to adapt to most teams; showing Lebron's dedication on both sides of the ball as Miami's top scorer, passer and rebounder (but Bosh by one rebound). Excellent teammates help allow him to keep the defense honest and little help on defense blanches those perks out with his defensive stats.


Power Forward = Griffin from LA Clippers

He's got the hops of a SF (drove his crotch to the height of 7' Mozgov on a dunk) but he's got the body of a built PF/C; his 6'10'' jumps past all 7'2'' with ease. Without Griffin LAC wouldn't even be on the map yet, but his stats jump out on all sides of the ball at the hardest position to truly say there is a clear cut front runner; more a pick of preference and style than all the rest (but maybe SF).


Center = Howard from ORL

He's a dominating force on both sides of the ball and he's the only all-star on his team so his stats don't lie. IMO, the next closest player at his position is a distant Al Jefferson on a deflating Utah team.

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