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   Who or what hurts more to their team and success?  

4/12/2011 23:29
Posted By:  - CHICAGO, IL  
Date Posted: 4/12/2011 23:29
   These are 10 of the TOP injures, current negative trends or trades I feel hurt each team.

Which do you think is the biggest negative come the playoffs next week? or which negative is actually holding down their team a lot?

Please pick the one that hurts their team the most and will be something talked a lot afterwards, because without this "negative" their team would have had a much better shot at the NBA Finals or winning it all.


My pick is Boston. 

After trading away their most healthy and stable center to OKC the Celtics depressed their core players a lot, mixed up their group dynamics and made them learn to play a different way NOW with little time to retool a lineup 25 days before the playoffs (while some of Boston's players were physically crying about Perkins' traded).

It makes me SERIOUSLY question Boston's front-office and why they didn't keep their edge in the middle with Perkins. 

Even if he's only a 10 ppg and 10 rpg player because that's 4 pts and 4 rpg more than Miami has in Anthony or Big Z, Noah is only a 12 ppg and 12 rpg player and Howard calls for double teams whenever he's on the floor because he can drop at least 18 ppg and grab 12 rpg on EVERYONE (from the top tier to the worst of the worst; no one player or trap can shut him down completely).

Boston looks very out of tune and weak in the middle. 

Then I'd have to say Bynum being hurt for LA and Shaq not being able to play 25 minutes (if hurt) is a lot of big lost to injures.

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