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Forum Category: Sports
 Originator Date Posted 
   Viking Fans  

8/13/2011 06:44
Posted By:  - NORTH SAINT PAUL, MN  
Date Posted: 8/13/2011 06:44
  So 1st preseason game is tonight (I know I know, very meaningless and boring). What you going to be looking for? IMO, I think the viking will go 6-10 this season, Ponder will be inserted by game 6-7 or 8 depending how long Frazier will tolerate McNabb's terrible overrated play or injury without blindside protection. The offense will be terrible, again. A.P. will shine, no question of that, but a running game won't be enough to put multiple scores on the board. The defense is aging, fast, and will be very hit or miss this season. I think the once solid run stuffing D will be very weak and the secondary, forget it, they have none. 

 The Vikings are over there cap so they still have a few cuts to come, happens when you try to buy a superbowl. Just sit back Viking fans, try to enjoy the season and hope your coach starts to mold his young players and wait till next years draft, you'll have great draft position, I'm certain of that. 

  Oh ya, I can't end a post with out. TRY- Bears sucks hahahahahahahahahahaha.(evil laugh inserted)

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