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   Should Saints Get Death Penalty?  

3/4/2012 13:59
Posted By:  - PHOENIX, AZ  
Date Posted: 3/4/2012 13:59
So the New Orlean Saints lacked the integrity to play the game straight up.  Instead they paid their players to injure other players.  In spygate there were fines (which are comical) for teams and taking draft picks away...a little more harsh.  So what should happen to the Saints?   I mean for one...they did break the salary cap rules...so is there something that can be done to affect their cap?

* Saints don't have a 1st in 2012 btw...

Bill Belichick the NFL maximum of $500,000, the Patriots $250,000 and ordered the team to give up next year's first-round draft choice (if it reaches the playoffs) because New England spied on the Jets defensive signals. If the Patriots don't make the playoffs they have to give up second- and third-round picks in April. Does the punishment fit the crime?

The New Orleans Saints’ defense had a bounty program to pay players for injuring their opponents worth up to $50,000, the National Football League said Friday following an extensive investigation.

The program was financed by players and at least one assistant coach, former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, over the last three seasons with payment amounts reaching their height in 2009, the year the Saints won the Super Bowl. According to the Associated Press, payouts included $1,500 for knocking an opposing player out of the game and $1,000 when an opponent was carted off the field. Payments doubled or tripled during playoffs, with Brett Favre and Kurt Warner among the targets.

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