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Forum Category: Sports
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   Playing to injure; The bigger picture  

3/23/2012 07:49
Posted By:  - TEMECULA, CA  
Date Posted: 3/23/2012 07:49
   While the current focus is on the New Orleans Saints due to a very current scandal I have to question why no news organization has brought up the bigger picture here.

This isn't an NFL issue, this isn't a college issue, this shit starts at a minimum level of high school football.
Then again why stop at football?  Does this problem exist in other sports as well?  Football was my sport
so that is all I know.  If someone wants to tag another sport please feel free.

I know for a fact playing to injure happens at the high school level.  There may not be bonuses of money for
the actions but is it really the money that we have a problem with?  What about a keg for an after game party
if a player gets put out? 

I also know for a fact that it happens at the NCAA Division I level.  Again, maybe not for money but is it the money we are concerned with?

Am I alone on an island?

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