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   Winning Championships Doesn't Make You Great...  

5/12/2012 23:22
Posted By:  - PHOENIX, AZ  
Date Posted: 5/12/2012 23:22
It just means you had more allstars on your team the year you won.  

Haps and I had a brief conversation about great clutch shooters.  His point was that there are too many variables to look at in determining if you are "clutch".  He's not wrong...but those same variables can be applied to all area of sports, from MVP awards to Championships.

Winning Championships are overrated...Lebron James is not any less of a player than Kobe or Michael because he hasn't won a championship.   It just means he had less allstars than Kobe & MJ.   Kobe...Michael...Kareem, Magic, Bird NONE of them won an NBA Championship until they had 3+ NBA Allstars playing with them.  Lebron James has never had more than two allstars with him (last two years)...hell...he took a team to the NBA Finals with 1 allstar which Michael and Kobe never did.

Jordan won his first championships and a string of MVP's only when he had 4 other allstars (1 top 50), 3pt champion and a player that was on the all Rookie Team.  Was Jordan great?  You bet...but put Barkley, Ewing & Karl Malone..James on those teams and they would have won NBA Championships too. 

Kobe couldn't win (without Shaq/Phil) until he got 3 allstars and a 6th man of the year to play with him.

Manning...Brees...they won a championship...but it wasn't any more valuable than Trent Dilfers.  Are you really going to say with an honest face that Dilfer is great because he is a champion...and Marino is not?  That's moronic.

Barry Sanders never won a championship...Emmitt Smith did...how many HOF players played with Emmit?  If there was an NFL draft tomorrow...I would take Barry over Emmitt.

Reggie Jackson hit home runs that won titles...but there were a lot of players that were just as important to those teams as Jackson was. 



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