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   NBA's Most Overrated Star  

5/29/2012 21:10
Posted By:  - PHOENIX, AZ  
Date Posted: 5/29/2012 21:10
If you really think about it...in today's NBA does a guy like Dwight Howard or Carmello Anthony help a team or do they hurt the team?   Howard is not a threat outside of 5 ft, Melo...the ball stops when he has it...Rose lacks the ability to play a team game , he'll never be Michael so that lack of talent is a problem, while Griffin if he ain't dunking is pretty pedestrian.  So aside from selling tickets...do you really want these players as cornerstones to your team? 

I loved Griffin and Howard coming into this season, but Anthony made it clear there are some players that just aren't meant to be superstars.  Are they overrated?  Yeah...I think they are. Now if all these players played 20-30 years ago (except rose) they would have been stars then...Free throw shooting was overrated.  But now...want to make them irrelevent...foul them. (Griffin/Howard).

What about the stars of yesteryear?  Were these guys maybe a bit overrated?

Rick Barry...Wilt Chamberlain...Bill Russell...Geroge Gervin...Nate Thurmond...Mutumbo...

Chamberlain said to be the greatest ever could only win two championships with as great as he was.  He never played against anyone of note...Kareem played against everyone...Hakeem played against everyone.   Hack a wilt...you win.  Would Dwight Howard have been Wilt back then? 

Bill Russell was a career 44% fg and 56% ft shooter.  He was 6'9" 215...that's a small forward these days...dude was dennis rodman.

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