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Forum Category: Sports
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   Olympic basketball: Dream Team vs Redeem Team  

6/18/2012 19:50
Posted By:  - SAN DIEGO, CA  
Date Posted: 6/18/2012 19:50
   So dubsters poll got me thinking, it's the 20 year anniversary of the dream team
1992 Charles Barkley
1992 Larry Bird 8
1992 Clyde Drexler
1992 Patrick Ewing
1992 Magic Johnson
1992 Michael Jordan
1992 Christian Laettner
1992 Karl Malone
1992 Chris Mullin
1992 Scottie Pippen
1992 David Robinson
1992 John Stockton
what some have called "the greatest team ever assembled in any sport". Granted they destroyed the competition, but that was before the world caught up in basketball. I've long thought the redeem team
2008 Carmelo Anthony
2008 Carlos Boozer
2008 Chris Bosh
2008 Kobe Bryant
2008 Dwight Howard
2008 LeBron James
2008 Jason Kidd
2008 Chris Paul
2008 Tayshaun Prince
2008 Michael Redd
2008 Dwyane Wade
2008 Deron Williams
Would beat them in a seven game series. My reasoning is that the dream team were all near the end of their amazing hall of frame careers, while the rdt, with the exception of Kobe, are in their athletic primes. I think the young legs would run away with it in the fourth, I've got Redeem Team 4-2. What do you think?

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