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Forum Category: Sports
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   Vindication for Russell Westbook and Kobe Bryant  

5/16/2013 05:45
Posted By:  - HOUSTON, TX  
Date Posted: 5/16/2013 05:45
   Two similar players under similar heat from the media, fans, and their own teammates.

"Westbrook, is holding Durant back." "Westbrook shoots the ball too much". "Westbrook needs to leave OKC"

What does Kevin Durant do? Nothing really. He does not take that many more shots after Westbrook goes down. He doesn't step up more. The Thunder have no chance without Westbrook. In the Era of the big "three", the Thunder have a guy who puts pressure on the defense, defends his position, and setups a lot of players for easy shot.

Which brings me to the Lakers. How funny each year people claim that Kobe is a ball hog. He takes too many shots. Pau Gasol whining like a little bitch. What does he do? For about 17-19M a year, nothing. Dwight Howard is a joke and I hope the Lakers do not sign him. He totally hide from the lime light. He totally collapsed under the pressure and the strain of LA. He is not a max player.

It is always funny when guys harp about not getting more touches, but when they do, they can not even make their own shot or they shy away from the spotlight. It takes a strong wiled person to be the man consistently.


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