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Forum Category: Sports
 Originator Date Posted 
   Can someone make me understand please?  

9/22/2013 14:59
Posted By:  - SAN ANTONIO, TX  
Date Posted: 9/22/2013 14:59
   I am a big Packers fan. Im not for WI, my fiance is. Ive been a fan since 1994. 

My understanding about being a fan for any sport team is because who plays there (if following since college), the history of the franchise, because you like their colors, their logo, their cheerleaders, whatever.. people have different reasons why they like a certain team. Right?

Ok.. so as a fan, I buy apparel. I buy t shirts, jerseys, game tickets, I fly to training camp over the summer, I buy the fucking wheaties box with Aaron Rodgers.. Im a share holder..etc.

In other words..I spend money on them, as someone who pays their bills, I expect results... correct?

So every time they lose I get incredibly pissed (Packers just lost against the Bengals after a huge lead).

I hold them accountable. 

Can someone make me understand the fans that dont care whether they win or lose? "0-16 season..oh well, maybe next year".. "Oh, they lost..hopefully next time".. I DONT GET IT!!  Why be a fan, if you dont want results????? For what?! 

Am I missing something? Am i a dick for wanting my team to win..and be incredibly pissed off if they lose?



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