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 Originator Date Posted 
   I was wrong......I will eat more crow.... Yup  

10/20/2013 21:39
Posted By:  - HOUSTON, TX  
Date Posted: 10/20/2013 21:39
Over the past 8 years since I have come in here, the one thing that has struck a nerve with me more than anything. Most people in here will never ever admit they were wrong about things. That is why I have given so much hell to them. Most come in here; talk/banter then leave instead of eating crow. So for me, I will eat my words, take my medicine and say yep, I was wrong.

Andrew Luck is a better QB than RG3. I saw nothing that said Luck was better last year or in college. I believed that until 5 weeks ago. I will still say at the time I was right. Most people in here said, he is without me seeing anything in his game that said he was better.

I have seen it. I have seen him pay the best defenses in the NFL. I have seen him now play on one of the biggest stages. Yes his stats might not be better, but his poise separates him from RG3 and Russel Wilson. I like his command of the game and his decison making. He doesnt fumble the ball which I can not say for RG3. His mechanics are better. His team is better. The thing that makes me think that something isnt going to change from 5 years from now. He keeps his mouth shut. He doesnt have an answer for everything that goes wrong. You do not see him in front of the TV talking about his coach or mouthing off. The one thing I hate aboutRG3.

Of the 2012 class, I will say it again, I was wrong. Big time.

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