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Forum Category: Sports
 Originator Date Posted 
   Happy NFL Week 11 everybody!  

11/14/2013 18:39
Date Posted: 11/14/2013 18:39
   Well week 11 kicks off with the Colts coming back after a reeling loss to what I believe is a much underrated Rams team.

Do they get their shit in order tonight? Haven't really looked at the stats too much to see where Luck is in his sophomore season but he seems a little behind where he was as a rookie. I could be wrong as I am merely a homer fan of my own team and haven't really paid attention. Illogical and whatever, I know. Colts will be a playoff team but how far will they really go?

Let's get to the other upcoming games.

Can the Jets take the next step to actually earn a wildcard spot through decent play as opposed to the default spot? The rest of the AFC sucks donkey dick. The jets have sucked just a little less.

Eagles look to take the lead in the NFC East this week.

Bears, Lions, Packers! Dog fight! The NFC North and final wildcard run should be the best story of the last half of the season.

SF, NO. Will be flipping channels on Sunday between that and my healthy Hawks and the return of Harvin.

KC and Denver should be the game of the week but the MNF game between NE and the Panthers could steal the show.

Not down to the nitty gritty yet but the games become so much more important now!

Enjoy everybody!



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