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Forum Category: Sports
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   If Auburn beats Missouri, should they jump Ohio State to #2?  

12/6/2013 06:28
Posted By:  - OAK PARK, IL  
Date Posted: 12/6/2013 06:28
   The idea of Florida State (best win against a #3 Clemson team that is still falling in the polls) and Ohio State (if they beat Michigan State ... who lost to ND) they will have beaten ONE team of ANY merit ALL YEAR) for the National Championship is what may happen if the polls hold (and Ohio State doesn't stumble), unless the humans overwhelmingly vote Auburn #2 which I THINK could Jump Auburn past Ohio State.  Should that happen?  
I say yes.  Auburn's body of work just in the past two weeks (Beating #1 Alabama and then berating #4 Missouri) is more impressive than anything OHIO has done over the past two years except going 12-0 in each.   The only teams Ohio has played worth a damn have played them tight and one of them, a 5 loss Michigan team) could have ended this misery had they converted a two point conversion.  
Frankly I don't think FSU's schedule is all that "great" either, but at least they have been blowing the doors off the competition.  

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