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Forum Category: Sports
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   Super Bowl  

1/24/2014 06:29
Posted By:  - VALPARAISO, IN  
Date Posted: 1/24/2014 06:29
Well the NFL is at it again.  Talk of the town is the possibility of changing the date due to the weather.  Do you think they should play it as scheduled or change the date? 
It they change the date is that a bunch of, Egg in their face? 
Didn't they make the decision to have it in an open stadium in a Northern stadium because people wanted it in the weather?
I do believe as for safety it may have to be changed, but what is that criteria?  Heck didn't they just play a game a few weeks ago in Green Bay at negative 30 plus wind chill(or would that be negative 30 minus wind chill) IDK
Is money at play here? 
Think about it the millions and millions of extra revenue that everyone from cabbies, hotels, janitors, vendors to airline change fees,  would make if it were changed...

agreements, comments, arguments?

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