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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
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   Gyms - go for the low-frills or luxury option?  

10/17/2010 14:57
Posted By:  - MAPLE GROVE, MN  
Date Posted: 10/17/2010 14:57
   For those of us that have gym memberships, are you low frills (like an Anytime or SNAP) or more luxury like Lifetime/LA Fitness. Anytime fitness... not sure where that fits in... I had a membership there I wasn't even sure. Not as nice as Lifetime, yet better amenities then Anytime/SNAP?

I personally like my towels provided and steam rooms available with eucalyptus oil. Call me a prissy- I like a good atmosphere because that makes me want to go back to the gym (and Lord knows I need all the enticement I can get). I go to Lifetime and also enjoy the beauty spa (for when I need a wax or haircut in a pinch- not the best service, but if I need something done right away it's there). Their cafe also serves similar 'in a pinch' purposes with healthy fast food options like meal replacement drinks, chicken sandwiches/wraps, fruit plate, etc. And the fitness classes are included in the membership fee.

What did you choose, why?

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