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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
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   Addicted to Cardio?  

11/3/2010 23:05
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 11/3/2010 23:05
   Hi my name is Mrs. PLZD and I'm a cardioaddict?

Stop here if you are not into working out cause your going to think this post is as weird as swinging is to the vanilla's.

Ok, I just did the numbers in my head and I realize, I'm doing intense cardio 6 days a week - every week and it has been months at this rate. I am loosing weight because I cannot eat enough to keep up with myself. I've had to add junk food into my regular eating to get enough calories. I eat the crap and I feel guilty and I think it makes me work out even harder. I'm not a big eater and this is hard to figure out. I didn't swim this morning because I need to cut back but now I feel grumpy - actually pretty bitchy over it. lol

I never thought I'd be this hardcore. I remember making fun of people like me. I've never done a competition but people come up to me once a week at the gym asking me what I'm training for. I thought it was the pool time that sparked the curiousity but I think I'm starting to be one of those people you see there all the time. You know those people sweating to the point of dripping, soaked clothes.. I was walking out of my swim day last week smiling to myself with thoughts like "if I get stranded 3 miles from shore I know I could swim in" who thinks like this? My warm up to my leg day (90 mins of non stop legs) is the stair mill set at 14 for 15 minutes or intense box jumps. I am taking every zumba class my gym offers, plus swimming and sometimes the stair mill cause I'm working on getting that perfect ass I've always wanted. I can tell ya, it is trying to get that perfect ass that got me in this mess to begin with. It started with that goal - I was tired of not having a perky hard ass and damn I was going to fix it. Once I quit making excuses I ended up feeling really strong and powerful - that made me feel good, now I just want more of that good strong feeling. I get pretty irritated when anything messes with my gym time.

Anyone have this problem? Did you have to cut back? If you did - did you get depressed? If you didn't - how long did you go and did you loose weight, fat tissue.. etc? I'm worried I'm building up quite an endurance and to be honest, I have no idea where this is going. I do not need to be this fit. My ass is still not perfect - it needs more fat actually... I just don't know if I can stop this cardio addiction and keep my mood up during the winter. Mr. PLZD says "eat more" but I'm not a food person. The cold weather is making me want to go to the gym even more and I was counting on the winter calories to give me a little fat tissue cause I'm getting all Madonna-like. I could use some reassurance that this all or nothing thing I have going on is not going to end in 20lb weight gain or some serious depression. I swear I do not have an addictive personality, this the first time I've had an addiction. (ok, except chocolate)

(crossing my fingers that this has a happy ending) .. kisses -Mrs.

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