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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
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   "The Dailey Method" workout  

12/1/2010 15:28
Posted By:  - SAN JOSE, CA  
Date Posted: 12/1/2010 15:28
   "The Dailey Method" has been around since 2000---[started in S.F.). Its now a fanchise business in over 20 cities around the country. (many are in the Bay Area).

Unlimited dues are $225 per month. (twice the price of yoga studios and most gyms).

"The Dailey Method" opened in our neighborhood 3 weeks ago. I've now been to 3 classes. I'M SORE!!! [in a good way]

Class size is small
The teachers are excellent: trained in Kinesiology...and hard core fitness

Each class is one hour
The claim of "The Daily Method" is to: get longer, leaner, stronger, & more fit. They are open 7 days a week--with classes going all day long.

In class we do ballet barre work, a wide variety of core conditioning workouts, stretching, and orthopedic exercises. (routines are always changing)

The room is 1,800 square feet. Class size is kept small for personal attention.

Its fun & I'm using 'new' muscles.

Has anybody tried this?


p.s. note: In our town: I've noticed the most BEAUTIFUL woman in our little 'clean-yuppie' studio. [FIT hard bodies]. Woman who are in their 30's and 40's. --Many look like "FIT MODELS". I am 'on the edge'....(older and OLDER)....lol
Its about 10 woman for every 1 man in class.

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