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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
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   Keeping things well, um fresh.  

1/28/2011 23:12
Posted By:  - MISSION VIEJO, CA  
Date Posted: 1/28/2011 23:12
   Ok, Im going there! So awhile back a friend and I went to a Lifestyle party. We walked into a playroom and the smell was, well um lets just repugnant. Now, coming from the health field and being a women myself I have to bring this topic out in the open. Ladies, we as women have enough issues to have to worry about I know but truth be told we should NOT i repeat NOT have a "fishy" smell whatsoever. Now, if its that time of the month yes, our PH Balance is gong to be off and we do have a different oder. But if you are experiencing that "fishy" smell something is wrong. It can be as little as the PH balance being off or Yeast infection, to the more major and it being an STD. Our balance can get off many different ways, stress is a huge cause. So Please, Please ladies see your ob and discuss this issue.

I want all my lifestyle sisters to be healthy, clean and happy!!!


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