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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
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   Sleep -The Holy Grail - Sleep............ What Helped  

1/30/2011 13:33
Posted By:  - MISSION VIEJO, CA  
Date Posted: 1/30/2011 13:33
   I personally am sleep challenged. Suspect DNA and life stress creating the perfect storm within me. I am finding many people seek the Holy Grail as well.

Thinking of a seeing a sleep expert soon. Tired of being tired.

Question - who has contacted a sleep expert and did it produce results? If yes, what worked? What was their assessment for your sleep challenge?

Background - don't snore,when I do fall asleep I never move, no reported abnormal breathing patterns so I don't suspect sleep apnea. Have been using Ambien which seems to be less and less effective.

Any personal insight would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Fatigue

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